Medical tourism

Medical tourism in Ukraine is dominated by ophthalmology, dental tourism, cosmetology, in vitro fertilization.

  • Cosmetology Medical Clinics

    Cosmetology is a well-developed medical branch in Odessa. InShell offers you to choose the cosmetology services in a diversity of medical centres. Get the best care of your skin and body at reasonable prices compared to European prices. The professionals of each clinic are ready to provide the consultation and individually planned program according to your needs and preferences.

    VIRTUS. Institute of plastic surgery Virtus is the largest in Ukraine medical center that takes care of esthetic medicine problems.  Institute Virtus presents outpatient consulting center and in-patient day care hospital, department of cosmetology with anti-ageing center, laser therapy department, esthetic surgery department, where besides plastic surgeons there are surgeon-dentists, urologists, gynecologists and ENT surgeons.

    AURA. In our clinics we offer best non-surgical methods of aesthetic medicine for face and body! Our doctors use most modern technologies and equipment that allow to solve majority of aesthetic problems (undesirable hair, overweight, cellulite, age changes, skin problems, etc) without use plastic surgery. In our arsenal - laser epilation,laser skin reaurfacing,laser rejuvenation, inctrumental cosmetology, mesotherapy,contour plastic,myostimulation,pressotherapy, wrapping and massage. Our clinics are equipped with the latest innovative equipment. We successfully apply complex programs of laser epilation, programs for weight correction and cellulite treatment.

    THE OXFORD MEDICAL clinic has been the largest network of medical centers in Ukraine for more than 10 years. With pride and confidence in high quality, we offer our patients the services of doctors in more than 20 specialties. The Medical Center "Oxford Medical" in Odessa offers to use the services of the Department of Aesthetic Medicine - the scope of the offered services covers almost all aspects in this field. Thanks to cutting-edge equipment and professional specialists, all procedures related to skin rejuvenation and the elimination of various defects are performed efficiently, quickly and completely painlessly. What is important, any side effects after such procedures are completely excluded.

  • The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy

    The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine was founded in 1936 in Odessa and now it is the leading institution of Ukraine providing expertise in ophthalmic treatment, scientific research, teaching and education.

    Since the day of its creation and so far the Filatov Institute has been one of the leaders of the world medical science and practical medicine.

    The individual approach to the treatment of each patient, the effecacy of treatment methods and technologies, many of which are developed by the Institute of V.P. Filatov, advanced equipment and high diagnostic accuracy, experience and talent allows the doctors to ensure successful recovery of vision.

  • Dental Clinic «Voynarovsky»

    Our partner — is a Dental Clinic «Voynarovsky». It was organized in September 2008 in Odessa, Ukraine. There are comfortable rooms with a full range of dental equipment of the last generation and a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. Dental Clinic operates under the license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated September 4, 2008, Series AB № 431141.

    Clinic’s specialists are constantly improving their professional skills and knowledge.

    Do you want to have beautiful and healthy teeth and the smile you’ve always dreamed about?

    Clinic «Voynarovsky» was created in order to make your dream a reality. Painless dental treatment has become the norm for the modern person.The patient wants to see and feel not only the care of his health. He wants to be sure of safety at visiting the dentist.

    Dental Clinic «Voynarovsky» offers a full range of dental services: dental treatment, restoration and prosthetic teeth, teeth whitening, dental implant prosthetics, periodontal (gum) disease treatment, pulpitis, periodontitis, cysts of the jaws, bite correction with braces. Dentistry in the Clinic «Voynarovsky» is the connection of the most modern and innovative technologies, high-tech equipment and experience of highly skilled professionals.

  • Dolphin Therapy

    Odessa and fitness complex «Nemo» offers a program of dolphin therapy.
    Dolphin Therapy in Odessa held all year round.
    Dolphin recognized worldwide as a non-specific method to strengthen the body’s defenses in people of all ages, regardless of whether they suffer from various kinds of disorders or are in pre-disease state, ie, practically healthy.