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Welcome to InShell! We are international health care agency specialized on organizing international surrogacy programs. Our team is ready to help you choose and peak up a SHELL for YOUR PEARL. Our story started 4 years ago in the city by the sea, Odessa. At first, we were offering only legal support of ART (assisted reproductive technologies) programs. Today we have grown up in a team of specialists ready to organize your surrogacy journey from the very beginning up to your return home with your PEARL. We can offer you a reliable support through all the surrogacy program, namely: Donor and surrogate matching Support in choosing ART medical center and doctor Control over the realization of the program (All the way pregnancy goes surrogate is under constant care of the our agency`s managers) Legal support both on the first stage of the program and after the childbirth. Our offices in Odessa and Kiev are working for you as well as our team always willing to help you and answer all your questions. Do you want your dreams about a small baby pearl come true? Ready to start your surrogacy journey? Let`s go through it together!

Our Team

Our team

Happy to help!

  • Director
  • Alyona Kalchuk
    Kiev Branch Manager
  • Nadia Malyovanaya
    Surogate and egg donor coordinator/ Psychologist
  • IPs coordinator


  • American Medical Centers

    American Medical Centers (AMC), is a privately held network of international insurance-based and private-pay acute-care clinics operating since 1991. 
    American Medical Centers Odesa, a wholly owned network clinic of American Medical Centers, is the only 24-hour on-call urgent care, assistance, and specialty care clinic staffed with international and Ukrainian English-speaking doctors.

    American Medical Centers benefits:

    ● 24/7 emergency medical care and home / on-call consultations - our doctors (GPs and Pediatricians) are available on-call to visit the patient at home/hotel day or night.

    ● Family medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology and over a dozen specialty departments

    ● Emergency medical evacuation by ground ambulance from any region of Ukraine, hospitalization and coordination

    ● Direct Insurance Billing to over 40 top global insurance and assistance providers such as Class Assistance, Bupa, Aetna, Allianz, Axa International, HTH Worldwide, International SOS, Metlife, 
    AP Companies, Thomas Miller and many more.

    ● A world-class team of national and international specialist consultants - all members of our clinics, all doctors and administration speak at least three languages (Russian, English, and Ukrainian). All documents (medical reports and invoices) are provided in English.

  • Legal support Intrust Law Firm

    Although, Ukraine has one of the most surrogacy-friendly laws in the world, legal questions still arise from international surrogacy programs. Often these questions become crucial for the realization of the program. We won`t let the laws, documents and rules confuse you with the help of our legal partner.

    InTrust lawyers are specialist in both national and international private law ready to answer all your questions and to offer a reasonable solution.

    InTrust law firm offers a full-coverage package of legal services to our clients. Their legal services include:

    Consultation for both intended parents and surrogate mother before starting the program

    Drafting of the personalized agreement between intended parents and surrogate mother

    Preparing of the document`s pack necessary for starting the program (surrogate mother`s husband consent, intended parents` consent, agreement with medical institution)

    Filling of the necessary documents for the newborn (here included notarized consent of surrogate mother and medical certificate of birth, as well as state registration of birth)

    Gathering of the necessary traveling and consular documents for your return home.

    * Note: basic legal services are already included into the package price, but their actual amount and cost may vary depending on your country of origin.

  • IVF clinics

    Your success is our main goal. That’s why we chose the best fertility centers in Odessa and Kiev for your IVF, egg donation or surrogacy programs.
    The staff of our partner fertility clinics is high-class specialists whose priority is the patients’ interest. They are leaders in the field of reproductive medicine in Ukraine. These clinics have modern equipment and laboratories  offering large range of infertility treatment. 

    You are welcome to visit our partner clinics and receive full and comprehensive information about medical treatment process before signing any documents.

  • American Mama

    Our US partner in organizing childbirth programs in Miami FL

  • Nemo


  • Rick and Molly
    Happy parents

    We are very gratefull to Inshell team for our little pearl! We were waiting for her for so long time. Now she is finally home and we are extremely happy about that!  All the team members were very attentive and managed to find an amazing surrogate mother matching all our cretiries. Our surrogacy journey went excellent. Thanks to Inshell our dreams to be parents came true.